I.P.S.C. Shooter Qualification Evaluation

In Macao, people would like to join I.P.S.C and to be a qualified shooter, they have to attend the I.P.S.C. Shooter Qualification Evaluation held by I.P.S.C. MACAU. After they have passed the evaluation and being confirmed by the R. D.(Range Director) of Macao, they will become the local I.P.S.C. Qualified Shooter and I.P.S.C. members.

I.P.S.C. Qualified Shooter Judgment Committee

I.P.S.C. Shooter Qualification Evaluation must be held by I.P.S.C. Qualified Shooter Judgment Committee.

Composition of the Committee

The Judgment Committee is composed of the local R.D. and at least three local Qualified R.O. delegated by the General Directorate. The delegate must not be the member of Technical Committee at the same time.

Qualification Evaluation

I.P.S.C. Shooter Qualification Evaluation is not allowed to be held more than 4 times every year. Date of Evaluation will be set by IPSC Macau. There must be at least 60 days between each evaluation.
Evaluation is consisted of theoretical and practical and implemented by the Judgment Committee under the IPSC Regulations. Its contents will be set by the Technical Committee.