Course 相關課程

Course 相關課程

IPSC shooting is an international sport, emphasizing safety and safe gun handling, and a blend of accuracy, power, and speed, in major competitions worldwide.

Most shooting takes place at close range, but in IPSC only full power pistols are allowed (9mm or larger). This power reflects the heritage of this modern sport and mastering a full power handgun is considerably more difficult than shooting a light recoiling target pistol especially when the competitor is trying to go as fast as possible.

Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty carrying targets mixed-in, or even partially covering shoot targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics. The course designer can dream up all combinations to keep the competitor enthusiastic and the spectator amused. Some matches even contain surprise stages where no one knows in advance what to expect.


Part 1 Rules and Regulations (3 to 4 hrs)

  • 8 Principles of I.P.S.C.
  • Introduction to class/division
  • Correct posture and positioning of equipment whilst on the move
  • The basic principles of minor and major power factors
  • Safety regulations
  • Rules of disqualification
  • Use of targets and scoring methods
  • Points of procedure error
  • Stage points
  • Competition procedures
  • Stoppage clearance techniques
  • Range commands

A shooter must familiarise himself/herself with these rules and regulations before commencing any practical training in Part 2.


Part 2 Practical Training (5 to 6 hrs)

Using what has been learned in Part 1, the shooter now practices how to

Load and make ready in alternate ready position
Draw, fire and reload in various positions (standing, kneeling and prone)
Unload and show clear
Correct action to clear jam, stoppage and double feed
At the end of the course the shooter must be able to demonstrate his/her ability before a testing officer.

The Test will be shot on 2 IPSC targets spaced 1 meter apart. Targets will be numbered as T1 & T2 from left to right. The starting position for all strings will be arms relaxed by the sides.

  • 20 M – Draw & fire each target 2 shots in any order (6 seconds)
  • 20 M – standing position – Draw & fire 2 shots at T1 then prone position fire 2 shots at T2 (9 seconds)
  • 15 M – standing position – Draw & fire 1 shot at each target then kneeling position – fire 1 shot at each target (7 seconds)
  • 15 M – Draw & fire 2 shots at T1 – reload then fire 2 shots at T2 (7 seconds)
  • 10 M – Draw & fire 2 shots at T1 – reload then strong hand only fire 2 shots at T2 (7 seconds)
  • 10 M – Draw & fire 2 shots at T1 – reload then move to 7-meter weak hand only fire 2 shots at T2 (9 seconds)
  • 7 M – Draw & fire 2 shots at each target in any order. (5 seconds)
  • 7 M – Facing up range, turn, Draw & fire 2 shots at each target in any order (5 seconds)

Total Shots 32, 28 Hits to pass